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What is the weight limit on your fabric swings?

Our swings, The Low Back and The High Back, have a recommended maximum weight limit of 55 pounds, while The Grow With Me has a limit of 65 pounds. We take rope strength seriously, and while there are different ways to measure it, we don't want to overwhelm you with technical details. If you have any further questions, we're happy to help.

What is the age limit for you swings?

The Low Back and The High Back are designed to be used by babies who are able to sit up and older, typically 6 months to 4 years old (assuming they fit in the swing!). The Grow with me is designed for newborn to 5 years old.  

Where can I hang my swing?

The swing can be hung from any stable beam in a ceiling, whether it's installed indoors or outdoors. It's important to make sure the beam is not rotting or weakened. To find the ideal location for the eye bolt, a stud finder can be used. For more detailed guidance and information, please refer to our full Installation instructions. In addition, our swings can also be hung using our optional tree straps, providing even more flexibility in where you can enjoy your swing.
How do I care for my fabric swing?
To clean your swing, we recommend spot cleaning as the first option. However, we understand that kids and babies can be messy, and sometimes spot cleaning may not be enough. If that's the case, you can disassemble the swing and wash it gently. We recommend taking a picture of the swing before disassembly so that you can easily reference it when reassembling the swing.
What is single suspension or dual suspension?
This has to do with how the swing moves after installation. Single suspension means that the swing is attached to the ceiling (or a tree) from a single point and will move in all directions, twisting etc. Dual suspension means that the swing is attached at 2 points and will move like a traditional swing in a back and forth motion. If you are intending to use this on an outside swing set we recommend dual suspension
If I purchase a single suspension can I later purchase the dual suspension?
No. these 2 options are assembled differently and cant be converted from single to dual BUT dual suspensions can always be hung on a single eye bolt and will then move like a single.

When will I get my swing?

Our swings go all over the world! They all are made in Iowa and ship out from there. Shipping times vary with U.S. shipments taking between 2-5 days and International shipments 3 days to 6 weeks depending on where in the world they are going. If you are ordering for a gift or a shower, or any other event please reach out and let us know or the order or even ask us before if your timing is tight.

We can let you know what are current fulfillment and shipping times are. 

Do I need to assemble anything?

No assembly! We assemble your swing by hand. It arrives to you ready with the necessary hardware to hang. You only need a stud finder, a drill and 1/4 drill bit. See complete Install Instructions Here.
Can I use my fabric swing outdoors?
Yes! Inside or out whereever your adventures take you. However we do not recommend storing our swings outside because the wood is natural and untreated and will not hold up well against the elements.
Is 1 pillow better or 2?
Pillows are a matter of personal preference, not comfort or safety. Many people who get our swings will use 2 pillows to help support a child who is still developing the strength to sit for a while. Some use 1 pillow in the same way or to put behind or under their child. Others stick with no pillows and all make great memories.
I added one of your swings to my baby registry, is there anything else I should do?
First of all, we are tickled pink to have the honor of helping you welcome your baby into the world. Secondly, yes, we ask that you send us a quick message with your name, your address, the swing your registered for and if you are sharing with guests, the babies name. This way we can watch out for duplicate orders and hopefully catch them before they are shipped your way.   
What height ceiling is the swing designed for?
All swings come standard designed for 8 foot ceilings. Our standard rope for the low back and high back swings is nylon rope and does not have a customizable ceiling height option. We do offer cotton rope as an option that can be customized for ceiling height. The Grow with Me swing come standard with cotton rope and can be customized for various ceiling heights.

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