It's time to install your swing.

We are so glad you are here! 

By now, you have your swing and want to hang it up so you and your family can start enjoying the benefits of swinging Well, you're in the right place. 

No need to have advance handyman knowledge to be able to hang your swing- 

just a few tools, and a few minutes!  

Follow the instructions below to the wood bench swing. 

Optional Tools

Hardware Included*

Installation is Simple

Find your spot

01.  Sturdy Branch

Find a sturdy branch that is at least 4-6 inches thick in a healthy tree.  The more level your branch is the better.

02. Under a deck/ outdoor beam

Find an exposed beam or a stud to hang or mount swing to.

03.  Pergola

Find a sturdy structure with forward and backward motion clearance.

Select your hanging method 

Eye bolts

You can hang your swing by installing eye bolts into a tree branch or sturdy beam and then tying your swing to those bolts.  See below for more detailed eye bolt installation instructions.

Tree Straps

You can wrap our tree strap around a sturdy branch or beam and then attach your wood bench swing by feeding the rope through the D rings and tying a knot to secure the swing.

Rope Clamps

Our third recommended method is to wrap the end of the rope at least 3 x around a sturdy tree branch or beam and then secure the rope using the optional rope clamps.  Be sure to use a wrench to tighten the bolts.

Install the eye bolt

01. Pre-drill hole

Attach a 1/4 inch drill bit into the drill and drill a hole clockwise in the center of the beam. We recommend wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

02. Screw in the eye bolt

Screw the eye bolt into the hole clockwise, then insert the screw driver into the ring of the eye bolt and continue screwing clockwise until threads are not visible.

Secure the rope

Helpful Tips

1. Hang your swing 6-8 inches higher than you what you will want it at.  The swing seat will settle as the knots tighten and there is some stretch to the rope.

2. Pull the knot tight up to the hardware.  

3. Regularly check the rope and knots.

Now you are ready to make sweet memories.



How high off the ground should I hang the bench swing?

You should hang your swing about 18-24 inches off the ground.  Remembering that at whatever height you hang it at the swing will settle due to the knots tightening and some rope stretching.

How many tree straps do I need?

You will need 2 tree straps one for each rope.

Can I leave my swing out?

Yes.  The wood is protected and the rope is built to withstand the elements.  

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