Sweet Swinging: FAQ’s

What is the weight limit on the swings? 

The weight limit for our swings is 55lbs. 

Are the swings safe? 

At Sweet Swinging, safety is our priority. For this reason, our swings have been professionally tested by a CPSC certified lab and pass the safety standards for compliance. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about safety! 

On top of the safety testing, we have ensured that the seams of our swings are as strong as they can be. We only use industrial thread that has UV protection and mold/mildew resistance. All seams are double sewn to insure safety. Despite all the steps we take to make sure our swings are safe, please periodically  check that all seams are still in tact. Do not use the swings if there are any rips or holes in the seams. 

Do they have seat belts? 

At this time, we do not offer seat belts. The recommendation for our swings is that they be used with 100% adult supervision, similar to a swing at the park. We will be looking into possibly adding safety belts in the future once proper testing is done.

What is the age limit for the swings?

Our swings are meant to be used by babies who are old enough to sit unsupported, up to 4 years old (assuming they fit in the swing!). 

Is the wood treated with anything?

The wooden dowels are finished with organic beeswax and olive oil in order to maintain its shine and keep it from drying out. This organic blend is 100% safe for baby! To recondition the wood, just apply a natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil and leave to dry. 

Where can I hang the swing from?

The swing can be hung in any stud in a ceiling. This can be installed inside the home, or in an outdoor space; as long as it is in a stud. Use a stud finder to locate the place where you will install the eye bolt. It is crucial that the hanging point be a stable beam that is not rotting or weakened. 
It is recommended to put pressure on the swing in order to make sure it is installed safely before putting your little one in it.

Is the fabric weatherproof? 

No. All of our swings are made from 100% cotton fabric that has no added chemicals to make it weatherproof. While the swings can be used outdoors, we recommend that they are kept out of prolonged direct sun exposure or wet weather. The swings are easily unclipped from the ceiling hook to make removal simple.