Our Story


We are Marah and Sam, parents to two toddlers and founders of Sweet Swinging. Our brand was founded in 2017, but the idea came much earlier. We've always had a preference for all-natural, environmentally friendly and safe products for our babies. The inspiration behind our swings emerged after our first child was born. I (Marah) had a passion for making all the sweet baby things. One night, as I was looking for fun items to buy for our daughter, I realized I hated all the plastic, unattractive colors that most baby products were made of.

So with my sewing machine and some [basic] skills, I set out to make her as many natural toys and products as I could. One of them was one of our swings. Picking out the fabric and putting it all together then watching her enjoy it so much sparked something in me that I didn't know existed. I wanted all kids to feel this happy. I wanted to be able to create lots of smiles and memories for families around the world; and we're doing just that! 

We wanted to make a product that would not only keep little ones entertained, but something that isn't an eye sore as well. This is why our swings are made to match lots of different decor and styles.

Since establishing our business, things took off better than we could’ve imagined. We are hoping to continue to provide this safe, unique and stylish product for all the precious little ones out there. 



Marah & Sam: Designers,

Our small team of seamstresses: We love to support local. This is why our small team of seamstresses are all local to us. They are great to work with and having them local is very convenient!