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Brand Partnerships

 Thank you for your interest in partnering with Sweet Swinging!

Our collaboration program is meant to be mutually beneficial for us and for you!  Here is how it works:

  1. You will be given a unique code to gain 55% off a single swing.
  2. After purchasing your swing, we will begin sending you emails with specific information on how to best showcase our product and make the most of our partnership.
  3. Once you receive the swing, provide us via email ( with 4 square 1080x1080 images (.jpg or .png) AND 1 15 second 1080x1920 video (.mp4) of our product in use.
  4. By sending us these images you are giving Sweet Swinging permission to utilize them in paid and unpaid marketing and website usage.
  5. After receiving these images you will be approved in our Affiliate program in Shopify.
  6. Personalized 10% discount with unique affiliate link for you to share
  7. 10% Commission on all Bench Swings, Grow With Me Swings
  8. 15% Commission on all High Back and Low Back Swings
  9. 20% Commission on all accessories
  10. Commission will be paid after a 15 day waiting period.
  11. Please email us your preferred image that will be highlighted in our “As Featured” section on our social media channels and our website.
  12. Please review content with us via or DM on Instagram/Facebook prior to posting.
  13. After your first post tagging @sweet.swinging and mentioning our brand in the caption/description in all social media channels that you are active on, Sweet Swinging will also tag you and mention you in a post, encouraging our followers to follow you.
  14. Sweet Swinging also has the rights to repost and share your content.
  15. The more unique content you send us, the more we will be able to highlight and showcase your social media accounts as well!
  16. After $500 in attributed sales, Sweet Swinging will refund you your initial purchase price and any shipping costs.  This can be achieved with 3-4 sales and must be done within 3 months of our gift.  Our Average order value is ~$130.

By placing your order you are conveying your agreement to these terms.


Thank you again for your interest in our brand!

We hope you enjoy the swing and create lasting memories with your little one, and we look forward to our partnership!