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It's time to install your swing.

We are so glad you are here! 

By now, you have your swing and want to hang it up so your child can start 

enjoying all the benefits that come from swinging. Well, you're in the right place. 

No need to have advance handyman knowledge to be able to hang your swing- 

just a few tools, and a few minutes!  

Follow the instructions below to install any of our swings. 

Tools needed

Hardware Included*

*If you ordered a Grow with me or dual suspension you would have received two carabiners and two eye screws.

Installation is Simple

In Just 3 Easy Steps

01. Find the stud

Using the stud finder, locate the middle of the stud.

02. Pre-drill hole

Attach a 1/4 inch drill bit into the drill and drill a hole clockwise in the center of the beam. We recommend wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

03. Screw in the eye bolt

Screw the eye bolt into the hole clockwise, then insert the screw driver into the ring of the eye bolt and continue screwing clockwise until threads are not visible.


If installing a dual suspension swing or a Grow With Me swing, repeat steps 1-3 for the second eye screw.  Make sure the second hole is located 15-24" from the first screw and located on a stud.  

After hanging the swing, give it a strong tug to ensure the swing is securely in the ceiling studs.



I live in an apartment, can I hang the swing?

Hanging something from the ceiling usually works the same as hanging something on the walls.  When your lease is up you may need to fill the hole. All leases are different so we recommend that if you are unsure talk to your landlord. 

I can't find a stud, what should I do?

We recommend to try finding a stud on the wall first to confirm the tool is working properly.   If it is, then try sliding the stud finder the opposite way on the ceiling.   Studs are at regular intervals in the ceiling.  

My swing is too long/ too short, can I adjust the height?

Yes. If your swing is too close to the ground you can pull the rope to raise the swing to the desired height and tie another over hand knot.   We do not recommend cutting the rope, to prevent it from fraying.

I have textured ceilings, what should I do?

Textured ceilings can sometimes make finding the stud challenging.  We recommend using a piece of paper or thin piece of cardboard (like a opened and flattened cereal box) to hold up against the ceiling as you use the stud finder to located the stud.  

Can the swings be used outdoors?

Our swings can be used outdoors as long as they are stored indoors after use. Do not leave outdoors as exposure to prolonged sun can cause fading and humidity or rain can cause molding.

How do I adjust the recline on my Grow with Me?

The back can be inclined or reclined by adjusting the height of the two knots on the back/top of the swing. Lower knots to recline, raise knots to incline. 

How long can my baby use the swing

Our High Back and Low Back swings are recommended from 6 months, or when baby can sit unassisted, up to 4 years or 55 lbs.

Our Grow With Me swing is intended to be used from the newborn stage all the way up to age 5; or when the child exceeds 65 lbs. 

Can't find an answer to your question?

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