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Ready for simple joys with your child?

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This high back swing adds a splash of style to your living space without taking up precious floor space. With timeless patterns to match any home, it's the perfect way to give kids 6 months to 4 years a soothing spot to relax and let mom or dad have two free hands! Everything you need to get swinging is included in the box. Get swinging and calm little ones down in hand's reach!

**Baby must be able to sit unsupported to use the swing. If your child is not sitting yet we recommend our Grow With Me swing.

Product Details

  • Weight limit: 55lbs (24.9 KG)
  • Age recommendations: 6 months- 4 years
  • Padded front and back panels for extra comfort
  • Untreated natural wooden dowels and beads
  • Braided nylon rope
  • Double stitched with industrial-strength thread for durability
  • Lap belt always included

Suspensions Explained

Swings come standard with a single suspension.  This means they are suspended from one point, therefore, will swing in all directions and not back and forth like a traditional swing.  Prefer to have move front to back like a traditional swing?  Choose Dual Suspension.

Weight and Age Recommendations

We recommend The Low Back and The High Back for kids 6 months to 4 years weighing upto 55 lbs.

Our weight recommendation is conservative because we put safety first.

If your child is not yet sitting we recommend The Grow With Me Swing.

Additional Information

Always supervise your child when in a swing. Please do not leave them unattended.

Baby must be able to sit unsupported to use the swing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! The perfect finishing touch!


Purchased as a baby shower gift! Exceeded my expectations! So extremely cute, I cannot wait to give it to her!


Beautifully made.


The quality is amazing! It's so adorable and well constructed. I was blown away by how wonderful customer service was. It was clear how much the owner cares about her products and customers! Will definitely be returning :)


The quality of the swing is incredible, very well made.. I cannot wait to put it up

Our Values

At Sweet Swinging, we believe that happiness is simple, and that joy should be accessible to all ages. That's why we've made it our mission to create well-made swings that produce nothing but pure, unbridled joy! So whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, come swing with us and experience the playful delight that only the perfect swing can bring.

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    Arrives ready to use, no assembly necessary. Easy 5 minute hanging instructions.

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    Our swings are built to last

    from fabric to final stitich.


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Product FAQ

What is single or dual suspension?

This has to do with how the swing moves after installation. Single suspension means that the swing is attached to the ceiling (or a tree) from a single point and will move in all directions, twisting etc. Dual suspension means that the swing is attached at 2 points and will move like a traditional swing in a back and forth motion. If you are intending to use this on an outside swing set we recommend dual suspension.

Where can I hang my swing?

The swing can be hung from any stable beam in a ceiling, whether it's installed indoors or outdoors. It's important to make sure the beam is not rotting or weakened. To find the ideal location for the eye bolt, a stud finder can be used. For more detailed guidance and information, please refer to our full Installation instructions. In addition, our swings can also be hung using our optional tree straps, providing even more flexibility in where you can enjoy your swing.

How do I care for my swing?

To clean your swing, we recommend spot cleaning as the first option. However, we understand that kids and babies can be messy, and sometimes spot cleaning may not be enough. If that's the case, you can disassemble the swing and wash it gently. We recommend taking a picture of the swing before disassembly so that you can easily reference it when reassembling the swing.

What are the weight recommendations?

The recommended weight limit for our swings is 55 lbs for The Low Back & The High Back and 65 lbs for The Grow With Me.

What is the best # of pillows?

We believe you know your baby best. Our answer for this is that it depends. Children who are watchers and tend to relax and take things in often do great with none. Others who like to lean and reach can benefit from the support of a pillow behind them to keep the space for that front to back movement to minimum. We recommend two pillows for kids who might be on the smaller or weaker side and could use a little extra padding for support.

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